Fake Cops Puttin' Up A Front


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released June 1, 2014

Recorded by Bill Whiteman
Written by BADGER



all rights reserved


BADGER Chico, California

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Track Name: Sociopathic Student
Ethics molding minds like plastic
Soft subliminal numbing tactic
Fitting in at school or not
Authority say to write a lot
Conforming for a passing grade, accepting that it soon will fade

Another number in the wheel
Who gives a shit if I pass or kill?
Another faceless human beings
Conduct disorder, it don’t mean a thing

I feel no remorse just a blinding hate
I feel no remorse just a seething hate

Pushed through the factory that we call education
Bomb making and killing are my passion
Track Name: Cataract Eyes
The system’s not broken
The system’s rotten

A lame animal limping along
Trying to be the king it once was
Nuclear wars loom at every corner
The flowers no forgotten, the trees are long gone
Left to roam this wasteland

The system’s not broken
The system is fucked

Trying to live our lives as we see fit
The suffering in their eyes
Promises of a better tomorrow
Is nothing more than a bold-faced lie
Thrown in our faces too many fucking times

The system’s not broken
The system is burning

Burning with despair, pain and misery, charred remains

The cataract eyes that once saw the future
Now gaze upon the nothingness
Track Name: Feral
Wild packs roam the streets
Vacant empty stares
A product of their environment
An environment of its product
I have no control nor ever will

Live for today for the future is bleak
I am fucking nothing

Vacant eyes hollow stares
I’m fucking worthless, yet I’m still here
I have nothing to contribute
Other than adding to overfilled jails
A rap sheet with more records than age

Locked away in a cell single file

I am nothing
I am a number
I am worthless

Nothing more than an animal
Nothing more than a number