Dirt Sessions 2013


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released May 14, 2013

Recorded by B. Whiteman at the East-Deez garage sanctuary.



all rights reserved


BADGER Chico, California

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Track Name: Yet Another Song About How Much 'America' Fucking Sucks
Land of the free, home of the enslaved
how is it the only votes come from the grave?
This one will be different it's nothing but a farce

Land of death
Land of disease
for a first world country, not too many at ease
Fighting for the jobs no one wants
not a problem cause there are none

Hold your tongue don't fight back
all will be will just give it a sec
America will comfort, America will cure, when in all reality America will keep you in a stupor
Track Name: Fuck Life, Stay Posi
It courses through me like the blackest of the seas
This festering feeling of doubt, I can't shake it free
When will the sleeping dogs of guilt awaken?
And destroy this democracy?
Feelings of euphoria are sometimes par for course
if anarchy is chaos then democracy is death
I'll keep fighting for it until my last breath
The crow flies at midnight to some unknown place
just as I fly to the liquor store to forget my place
There's no use living a lie
Track Name: Oh, the Legality Of It All
I'm so glad you're here to help me
to tell me what is right
a violation of my body, but you know what is right

Father superior guide me through
Mother superior guide me through
through a lifetime of agony
or one small click to end this life

I'm so glad you're here to help me
teach me what is right
keep healthcare hidden
far away in distance light
Track Name: Matame
Matame, matame

No puedo quedarme un minuto mas
la brutalidad ya jamas
capatalismo me entrapo
siento como un pajara en una jaula sin barros sin esperanza

Matame con sinceridad
matame con sonrisa
matame con silencio
matame con sufrimiento

No puedo quedarme un minuto mas
la hostilidad ya jamas
inquisicion me entrapo
siento como una nina perdida
en un cuarto sin ventanas sin esperanza

Matame con cervezas
matame con feliz
matame con carino
matame con consecuencias
Track Name: Shaky Hands
Tumbling down, spiraling out
Digging a hole that you can't get out
the hands that, extend to help
You're just down on your luck
Thing's will get better, it will all work out
How can you have such malcontent? Body, mind embitterment

Drug me, it's time to party.
Drug me, it's time to numb.
Drug me, it's time - Time to play fucking dumb.

Bite the hand that feeds
spit in the face of your friends
But you'll have my back
until the bitter end
some reason just continue to help
burned, burned, burned again
All I need is a beer to steady

All I need is a beer to steady this shaky hand